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Easily Solving Traffic Congestion and Community Equity for Rides

Attention: Traffic congestion is a major problem in many cities.
If you’re tired of sitting in traffic, there’s human reasoning that can help you cooperate with others to eliminate traffic congestion.
Interest:  A simple math reasoning game that children and teens are already familiar with. By cooperating, you can help ease traffic congestion and get where you need to go without sitting in traffic.
Desire: The game is easy to play and requires no special equipment. It’s also free to play. You can play the game online . Action: Ready to try the game? 
Progress: We are working to make these strategies public

Free Rides to Work;  Children and Teens have great grammar school experienced, because they are able to use native reasoning and various maths abilities to understand our world and are able to see into the Future, easily

Youngsters get really excited about Bloom’s ‘Modular Community-Owned Transportation Systems’ that solve getting to and from work Express. {Free of Labor +NET income}, among other community transportation activities. Like, eliminating the need for parents to constantly hover over their children’s security with their time and cars. Mystery tours and more….

Our First Priority is
“Children’s Freedom of Movement”
While satisfying Our needs and desires in AAA fashion with:
GreenWave* Transportation Systems enable
Conservation of Resources
Environmental Equity,
+$∀ money for All.


Fixed Price Projects

1:1:1 Community Shares $500,
Bloom Acquisition & Chartering,
Communities consist of 5,000,
Community members/shareholders/
Patrons/Union Members

Receive on time

Reciprocal business practices,
Supposition 1 or 0 Principles
Cooperating with Patrons & Vendors
Rules Based Operations
“Teams of 3” Forming

Fast work turnaround

180 Day Look Ahead available,
180 Days (6) Blooms Operational,
in Constellation.
Best of Breed Relationships,
10/15/2022 $5,000,000 each
Economies of Scale are Remarkable.


Here we have a business model that has 2 distinct offices. Front Office for public facing and customer satisfaction and Back Office with foundational systems that work quietly with 10 Operational Silos, each having control, management and sharing of revenue streams. Our, GreenWave* saves Time, Resources +Money∀ for all.

Our, GreenWave* saves Time, Resources +$∀ and money for all

We are driven by universal values and increasing the value of our incomes

This work began a long time ago. True Facts (a change) and advanced abstract and mechanical reasoning became more formulated and basically frictionless about 12 years ago. GreenWave* is now shovel ready. GreenWave* Over a period of 5 years accomplished positive USAID vetting&review of Blooms for “End of War Zones” long-term refugee camps and 3rd through 5th world countries. GreenWave* Prime will serve up numerous [Playbooks] while a concerted vortex of “Teams of 3” create the functional units and silos? The size and scope of these campaigns have requirements. Rule 1; no one throws sand into these eternally harmonious systems.

Media Production

Numerous forms of media will be called upon. Comic Books, Reality Traveling, and A Cooperative Children’s Driving Game. Geared towards earning rank to become platoon leaders. Artwork, video, and socialization marketing materials are looking for “Teams of 3” to work on these neat projects continuously. Inquire about “Team of 3” Gauntlet Academy.

Now, Today, We Need to be getting ready for Built Rolling Stock being delivered to chartered Blooms. Blooms Systems Architecture is well established.

Featured Work;

I’m here to earn my 3R’s Recognition, Reward and Respect. It’s incredible how 1 person has conveyed to our Transportation Sectors such useful innovations. These 2 Idea Sets have HAD great prominence and reproducibility over time. A rock-solid outline put all the pieces together going back to the times when we still used typewriters.

❤️ Chrysler out of the Big 3 had a heart coming from Lee Iacocca and in 1979 experiencing dire bankruptcy straights. The 2 other biggies either didn’t have a brain or a soul. I reached up into the VP of R&D drawer phone and he asked me of course how I reached him, After 5 or 6 conversations which became Project “T140” chartered to design the Mini-Van. I have a folk story about being offered a design contract and asking a bank for $5,000,000 after all it was only a piece of paper:) 3 years later and a major change in my career. My 3 Genious Professional Sons started being born little did I realize how smart they were as kids. Vehicle design times then+Now 1980 Design Time was 3-5 years, Today Design Time is roughly 4-6 weeks.

👿 Uber the Elephant. As we are mostly aware the founders of Uber were thugs and a bunch of pirating hard ballers. The 2 founders of Uber, we”ll call them Alpha Monkey and Clown Monkey were worth $100-Million in 2009 and having been proud of being sued by Our, Entertainment Guilds for $250-Billion., Alpha and the clown giggled as they said they were calling from a Washington DC think tank, Which One? It made me laugh inside during my recital of the [Playbook] I was well-prepared NOT to give them the keys without compensation. Well those pirates got a bunch of jewels utilizing my modified travelling salesman optimizing problem by eliminating minimum distance requirements A>B, B’>C, C’>D, D’ to infinity (Drivers are exploited due to outdated labor laws) and various organizational tools that may sound like I gave away the store, like ratings, problems+exploits related to vehicle supply. We have to thank Common Law for enabling Uber to flourish. Yet never truelly making profit. Common Law was the first lesson example of precedent in my limited presentation to the 2 monkey pirates simply wanting a demand responsive limousine service. They’ve never done anything better, nor do they have methods to integrate the over 150 Revenue Streams that Blooms Guarantees and Generates. They got a specific functional [Playbook] that is rules based. I simply desired to prove Demand/Responsive Door-to-Door transportation in Super Urban Areas. Our, GreenWave* is set to become a “B” Beneficial Corporation abiding by conventional shelf space capitalism practices. Drivers will be unionized. Uber represents a major National Security Breach in collusion with the “Big R’s” including big R retired FBI and CIA agents on staff being a functional satellite of the Trump 2016 campaign. Having no audit trails in the executive wings of Uber central and having 57 Million customers accounts being breached and copied during the 2016 campaign. When they did a DMD dynamic memory dump of your cell phone they took whatever was easily copied like settings enmasse, mgt. files, contacts and phone records. It’s a deep set of events and I am wondering why no-one has brought this to the surface for potential prosecution? China and Russia virtually kicked them out, with China having a serious identity crisis because of all Ubers’s parading open-source software over all networks utilized very deep hooks. Today a Web 3.0 approach is more secure keeping your smartphone much more secure.


“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”

Blue Chip Deck

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


Working together will bring great results

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